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China's best subject list is published! Peking University, tsinghua university

Shanghai softco has officially released 2017 "China's best academic ranking". The list includes 91 first-level disciplines, with 4,756 of the 453 universities listed on the list.

The total number of universities in the country is 42, with Peking University the highest number of universities in all disciplines, with 12 disciplines topping the list.

Tsinghua university is a close second, taking the crown in 11 disciplines. The people's university of China has five disciplines ranked first in the country. Beijing normal university, Shanghai jiao tong university and China agricultural university have also performed well, ranking first among the four disciplines.

Different disciplines have different cardinals, so the intensity of competition is different. Some popular subjects such as computer science and technology, business management, etc., to participate in colleges and universities in 300, such as special medicine, atmospheric science and niche discipline, number of universities and colleges set up no more than 20.

For this reason, the concept of the percentile segment is introduced in the best subject ranking of China, and the relative position of each academic point in the subject is also given out from the absolute log.

According to the calculation, a total of 52 academic points of 18 universities were selected into the top 1 per cent of the country. (there are fewer than 100 academic subjects in some disciplines, so there is no 1 percent discipline)

Tsinghua university tops the list with 12 national top 1 percent. Peking University has eight top 1 percent disciplines, ranking second. The people's university of China has six, ranking third. Fudan university has five academic points in the top 1 percent, ranking fourth. Xi 'an jiaotong university and Beijing normal university, each with three academic points, become the top 1 percent of the country and perform well.

Among the best subjects in China, the ranking of subjects is all universities that have a doctorate and master's degree program in the subject, which is published in the top 50 percent of universities in the subject.

According to the number of times listed, sichuan university has 61 academic disciplines, leading other universities in China. Zhejiang university, jilin university, wuhan university, tsinghua university, Shanghai jiaotong university, nanjing university, sun yat-sen university, Beijing university, shandong university on the subject number reach 50 or more.


Shanghai's top 1 percent, the top 5 percent and the top 10 percent are the second highest in the country, leading the rest of the country.

The first 25 percent of the disciplines in jiangsu province and the top 50 percent of subjects are second only to Beijing, showing a solid overall advantage. Hubei, shaanxi, zhejiang, guangdong and other provinces of the top of the number of the number of top-notch disciplines and the total number of listed disciplines.

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