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A Brief Introduction of the Co-Chair of the General Assembly

Qunji Xue, Academician of Chinese Academy ofEngineering, Director of Department of Chemical, Metallurgical and MaterialsEngineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering

  Borned in Shandong Yinan on November 28, 1942, he is an expert in the field ofMaterial Chemistry and Specialty Lubricants and Protective Materials. In 1965he graduated from Shandong University where he majored in chemistry. In 1968,he finished his study in Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academyof Sciences as a postgraduate. In 1997 he was elected as the academician ofDepartment of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, ChineseAcademy of Engineering. He is a researcher of Ningbo Institute of MaterialsTechnology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences and was also the formerdirector of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics.

    ZhongfanLiu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Peking University, Dean ofBeijing Graphene Institute


PhD,University of Tokyo (1990)

PostdoctoralFellow, University of Tokyo & Institute for Molecular Science at Okazaki(1990-1993)

Professor,Peking University (1993- )

ChangjiangScholar (1999-)

Memberof Chinese Academy of Sciences (2011)

NSFCDistinguished Young Scholar (1994)

OutstandingTalent, “Ten Thousands Program”supported by Ministry of Organization (2013)

Director,Center for Nanochemistry (CNC)

Director,Institute of Physical Chemistry, Peking University (2006-)

Director,Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology (CNST), Peking University (2006-)

Director,Beijing  Science & Engineering Research Centerof Low-dimensional Carbon Materials (2013-)

Fellow,Institute of Physics (IOP), United Kingdom

Fellow,Royal Society of Chemistry

ViceEditor-in-chief, APL Mater.Acta Chimica Sinica、Chinese Sci. Bull.

Advisory or editorial board member, Adv. Mater.、Small、Nano Res.、NPG Asian Mater.、Natural Science Review、J. Photochem.  Photobiol. C Phtotochem. Rev.