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Many Thanks to SEKI DIAMOND for being our Sponsor!

Good news! SEKIDIAMOND sponsored the 2nd International Carbon Materials Conference generously!

Seki DiamondSystems is the leading provider of CVD diamond reactors — offering theindustry’s broadest selection of Microwave Plasma CVD Systems, Hot-Filament CVDSystems, and Low Temperature CVD Systems. Hundreds of these systems have beendelivered worldwide.

From 1948 to2012, Seki Technotron had been an innovative engineering and high-tech tradingcompany focused on the needs of customers in the electronics development andmanufacturing industry in Japan.

In 2012,after its  merger, its company name changed from Seki TechnotronCorp. to Cornes Technologies, Ltd.  They launched the new brand nameof Seki Diamond Systems to more clearly identify their diamond CVDbusiness focus under Cornes Technologies, Ltd. Their U.S. office, SekiTechnotron USA also changed its name to Cornes Technologies USA. For moreinformation about Cornes Technologies Ltd. please visit the Cornes website.

Today, Cornessupplies many products, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment,electronic components and measurement systems, advanced scientific instrumentsand more. The CVD diamond reactors offered by Seki Diamond are manufactured inJapan, the U.S. and Europe, and they are delivered worldwide.