Provide roadshow opportunities for project holders.

For investors who pay attention to advanced carbon materials , it is a perfect chance to contact high-quality projects and cutting-edge technology, understand the advantages of China's new materials policy and to get elites’acquaintances。

A good chance you cannot miss for looking for Chinese partners, exploring Chinese market, setting up branches in China

Activity Agenda


Project Object

1. New Materials Industrial Parks

2. Advanced Carbon Materials Related Technical Teams

3. Advanced Carbon Materials Related High-tech Start-ups

4. Investment Institutions, Securities Institutions

5. Listed Companies

Delivery Scope (for reference only)

Involved modules are graphene, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, carbon fibers, diamonds, carbon-based films, specialty graphite, graphite, etc.

Delivery deadline

The deadline is 2017/11/30, during which the Organizing Committee will review the delivered projects within a week and give out the results.


1. Consulting Tel: 0574-87227807; Consultants: Mr. Wang/Mr.Ma

2. Project delivery Tel:

Domestic: Ms. Hu: 15988667525; Ms. Wang: 13649160039

International: Ms. Li: 18657495805